Hihihi! I just wanted to say... your graphics... are DJKB;V;FVUAEOUGFIJDBVKJZ. Beautiful~ /flailing/ I would be eternally thankful if you started posting tutorials and stuff on how you create such amazing-ness because I'm just now starting to really try and make some stuff of my own x3 So yeah. Sorry if I sound stupid or incomprehensive. I just have a lot of feelings, lol. Looking forwards to seeing some more graphics from you :D <3

WOW.. thanks a lot, you’re my first fan haha

I promise I’ll try to post more graphics and also photoshop tips but I don’t really “follow the rules” on toshop so It won’t be easy to make tutorials. Maybe if people ask me questions about something in particular It’ll help me to post targeted tutorials :)

okay. Since my Sherlock post got more than 130 notes and made me get about ten followers, I’m definitely going to post more graphics. Plus, my iphone was stolen so I won’t post pictures for a few days. I’m not tumblr famous so I’m even more grateful to you for following me or reblogging my posts. I love when people ask me questions, so don’t be scared to bother me even if your question looks stupid haha

I’m considering the fact of posting photoshop tips but everyone on tumblr is posting awesome stuff and I’m just here like “It’ll be so fucking useless”. So if you need any advices just ask :)

As you can see it I travel a lot so I’ll maybe make some posts about my favourite places and so on.. If you’re interested just tell me!

So.. thank you lovelies! you’re the most awesome followers in the whole world! thanks for reading!

Ps: I’m sorry, my english is really bad..

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